Wood Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

BGPPL’s supply chain includes thousands of small farmers, small aggregators & medium village level entrepreneurs who grow plantations and provide sustainable raw material to our manufacturing plants.

BGPPL’s Ballarpur plant is an integrated Pulp & Paper manufacturing unit. Bamboo and Hardwood Species are the primary raw materials used for Pulp & Paper production. Bamboo is sourced from Tribal farmers through Gram Sabha whom we train to manage bamboo forests and plantations sustainably and as per prescribed working plan. Similarly hardwood is sourced from sustainably managed social farm forestry program. We facilitate production of Clonal Saplings and support development of best in class plantation management systems. We support plantations in the mill catchments by engaging with local farmers.

Social Farm Forestry program was initiated by BGPPL in India to become self reliant and to add to the forest cover of our country. We collaborated in development of ecosystem that helped scale social farm forestry in India. This enabled utilization of waste/unused land for productive purposes, increased farm income of the farmers and also increased availability of local pulpwood supply to the mill.

Policies & Certification

As a responsible business entity, we remain committed to the stewardship of Environmental Conservation, Forest Conservation & Sustainability. Currently we hold PEFC Certificate(PEFC/42-31-05) for Unit Ballarpur and PEFC Certificate(PEFC/42-31-02) for Unit Bhigwan.

Unit Ballarpur

PEFC Certificate (PEFC/42-31-05)

Unit Bhigwan

PEFC Certificate (PEFC/42-31-02)