Elemental Chlorine Free Bleaching

Bilt Graphic Paper Products Limited, Unit Ballarpur implemented Oxygen Delignification and ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free ) bleaching Sequence (DoEopD1P) at Integrated Pulp manufacturing facility commissioned in 2013.

Elemental Chlorine (Chlorine Gas and Hypochlorite) were the conventional bleaching agents used for the bleaching of Pulp in Pulp and Paper Industry at large. However, there are certain disadvantages in terms of toxic pollutant and environment impact of this bleaching process. These toxic pollutants normally retain in the final Pulp and Paper Product in traces.

In view of the Impact of dioxins and furans in the final Product and pollutants in the treated effluent and by products, BGPPL has adopted ECF technology with Chlorine Di-Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide and Oxygen as bleaching chemicals. This technology has not only helped to make the Writing & Printing Grades of Paper toxic free but have also made a way to produce Food grade products.

The adoption of Oxygen delignification has reduced the demand of bleaching chemicals by 50% with increased Green Power Generation through Chemical Recovery Process and reduction in Power generation by coal Fuel.

The ECF Technology has not only improved product quality in terms of Strength, Shade stability and aging of paper but has also reduced environmental impact in terms of reduction of pollutant load at source. The AOX (Absorbable Organic Halides) in final treated effluent is much below the National Standard with ECF Bleaching.

Bilt Graphic Paper Products Limited, Unit Bhigwan which uses imported Hard wood & Soft wood Pulp also sources all its pulp which are ECF Bleached.