Strategic Intent

BGPPL, in the recent years has evolved as a more dynamic, knowledge-driven organization with a singular focus on creating stakeholder value. Aimed at making the organization more market-oriented and customer-centric, the following initiatives are to drive BGPPL forward in the rapidly changing business environment:

  • Consolidation A continuous streamlining of capacities and products in our core business area – Paper.
  • Brand Building Increasing brand involvement for the products amongst customers to reduce market fragmentation and attain ‘generic-brand’ status for BGPPL via strategic branding.
  • De-commoditisation and service orientation Redefining the paper industry with customer at the center-stage.
  • Wider product range Adding high value-added products to BGPPL‘s portfolio expanding it to cover the widest range of basic to high-end usage paper products.
  • Product-mix rationalization Maintaining an intelligent product-mix based on value and demand curves to maximize returns.
  • Exploring global markets Reaching out to international markets with world-class products while maintaining leadership in India.
  • Operational Improvements & Cost-competitiveness To attain higher efficiency levels and world-class quality in production processes.
  • Increasing capacities Expansion of manufacturing and processing capabilities across product range, in line with market dynamics.
  • Sound Investments Accelerate growth by way of investments into focused, synergetic acquisitions.
  • Captive Market Share Sustaining and strengthening BGPPL‘s leadership position in its market segments way ahead of competitors.
  • Extending ‘Touch-Points’ Building a wider and ‘intelligent’ distribution network that enables BGPPL to serve its markets in a customized and localized manner and attain higher penetration, without losing the economies of scale.